Patient Service Feedback

To assist in our continued efforts to improve our patient service, we would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete the service evaluation below. Please include your details if you would like us to contact you with regards to a complaint.

Please rate the quality of service from our Reception: Were our reception staff courteous and professional?

Please rate the quality of service from our Radiographers: Were our radiography staff courteous, professional and was the procedure explained and performed to your satisfaction?

Please rate the total waiting time during this visit to our practice.

Please rate the quality of service received from the radiologist (doctor) if applicable. Please leave option unselected if a doctor did not attend your procedure.

What is your impression of the branch in terms of cleanliness, water availability, reading material, etc.?

Please rate the payments and/or accounts service if applicable.

Was this an afterhours service? Afterhours include Sundays, after 18:00 on week days and after 12:00 Saturdays.

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