About Bayradiology

Bayradiology is the largest radiological practice in the Eastern Cape and one of the largest group practices in the country.

Our Proud History

When the Practice was first established, it was known as ‘Drs Grant, Landman & Locketz’. It later merged with two other radiology practices and became ‘Drs Vosloo, Grant & Partners’ in the early ‘80s. When Dr Grant left, the Practice was renamed ‘Drs Vosloo & Partners’.

There was another radiology practice in the Oasim Building in Pearson Street, Central, namely Drs Geere and Partners. Following the retirement of Drs Geere and Kotze in 1988, the remaining two partners amalgamated with the larger Practice to become ‘Dr Visser, Erasmus and Partners’.

In 1990 Dr Malherbe started a solo practice at St Georges Hospital, joined by Dr Basson.
Dr Bemath had launched a practice in Korsten opposite the Mercantile Hospital and in Uitenhage by that time.
In 2004 Dr Bemath’s Practice amalgamated with the more extensive Practice and became known as ‘Drs Visser, Erasmus, Vawda and Partners’. Ultimately in 2007, the final amalgamation took place – merging Drs Malherbe & Basson with ‘Drs Visser, Erasmus, Vawda & Partners’.

In 2016 our name changed to ‘Bayradiology — Drs Erasmus, Vawda,  Rabe & Partners’

Bayradiology – the trusted name in diagnostic and interventional radiology