Bayradiology provides advanced diagnostic and interventional radiology services to the Eastern Cape community. Our practice have undergone a number of changes over the years but our commitment to outstanding patient care and diagnostic excellence have never dissipated.

Mission Statement

In pursuit of providing a diagnostic and interventional imaging service of excellence, we seek results in the following areas:

  • Diagnostic accuracy through knowledge and advanced technology
  • Outstanding patient care
  • Excellence in service to referring doctors
  • Striving to meet our staff’s expectations in the areas of training & opportunities
  • Sustaining cost effectiveness
  • Benefiting the broader community by sharing expertise.


A brief overview of the history of our practice:

1980 – Drs. Vosloo, Grant & Partners was formed from 3 small practices.
1988 – Drs. Visser, Erasmus & Partners was formed from Drs. Vosloo, Grant & Partners and Dr. Geere & Partners.
1990 – Drs. Malherbe, Basson & Partners started at St. Georges Hosptial.
2004 – Dr. Bemath & Partners in Korsten merged with the practice to become Drs. Visser, Erasmus, Vawda & Partners.
2007 – Drs. Malherbe, Basson & Partners merged with the practice.
2013  – Practice changed name to Drs. Erasmus, Vawda, Rabe & Partners trading as Bayradiology.



Dr. A Ahmed Dr. S Basson Dr. F Dudhia Dr. M Els
Dr. Z Gani Dr. M Locketz Dr. M Marais Dr. D Meintjes
Dr. J Parsons Dr. P Potgieter Dr. P Pretorius Dr. H Prinsloo
Dr. E Rabe Dr. C Rossouw Dr. E Steenkamp Dr. H Vawda
Dr. O Shenxane Dr. J Stutterheim Dr. L Kaarse (Nuclear Medicine) Dr. F Naude