It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr Frans Visser.

Frans joined one of the radiological practices in Port Elizabeth in June 1983 after completing his MMed in Radiology at Stellenbosch.

Frans was an astute radiologist with a wide interest in radiological modalities, most of which were in their infancy at that time. Although he kept up with the academics, he also had a keen interest in the business side of running a radiological practice.

In 1988 he took over the business reins from one of the senior partners, Bill Grant who moved to Cape Town. Over the years Frans continued to run the business side of the practice, aided by other radiological partners. Frans was the consistent glue that held the business together as he worked with each new administration partner as they came and went, guiding them in their tasks. Frans held this position until a few years before his retirement in 2012- over 20 years in administration.

Frans’ business acumen was innovative, setting up business models in the practice, ahead of their time during that period. He communicated and conferred with other practices throughout the country, most of whom respected his input.

This tenure saw him guide the practice through many crises’, overcoming medical aid problems, threats from opposition practices starting up and private hospitals’ attempt to control the practice and also amalgamating practices in Port Elizabeth into one big practice.

Through all this Frans was the ultimate gentleman, always insisting (albeit gently when opposed) on being fair and doing the right thing. Frans was always aware of “what goes around, comes around”, and this was born out time and time again, to our benefit thanks to his fair and honest approach.

Through all this Frans always carried out his radiological duties, including after hour and weekend work- never reneging or insisting on doing less work, despite all the extra hours he put in on behalf of the business side.

After his retirement, Frans enjoyed still coming into the practice to do some locum work, right up to last year. He was still an astute and accurate radiologist after all the years of administration.

Rest in peace old friend, we will all miss you.

Dr Phil Pretorius